Purl before win

We faced the typical this time of year dilemma; namely “What to do for the end of the year Barchivists’ outing?” We had descended upon Deville’s last year, so how to go out with a bang this year?

Ellington’s was put forward but what night to go on proved to be hard to choose. Continue Reading »



I was a bit concerned. The website for The Cabin advised to inform them if a party of 10 or more were coming and according to early responses that is what we were. But, life being life, things came up and when Travelbug and I arrived at the venue as the vanguard on Wednesday 19 October I could not say for certain how many others would be joining us.

The Cabin staff member who greeted us told me that he had put aside a table for 10 for us but if that was not needed then we could sit anywhere. Travelbug and I did just that, opting for a table near the round window. Continue Reading »

Pot Luck in Leederville

DoubleLucky looks impressive, at least on their website. However one thing the website does not include is opening hours. When HelenKitty and I arrived as the vanguard for the Barchivist meeting on Thursday 22 September we couldn’t get in.

HelenKitty and I had had a dream ride into Leederville through the evening peak hour traffic and our luck continued with the discovery of a convenient parking spot. And that was our double luck all done. Because DoubleLucky was closed. There are no opening hours on their door either. Continue Reading »

Byrne Baby Byrne

At last, a venue we could walk to. Not that we did. The Byrneleigh is rather close to where we all work so on Thursday August 25 the Barchivists decided to check it out. We made sure that it was not the student night, which is the Wednesday. We decided that the day after would probably be safer. I felt certain that the cleaners would have been in before they opened for business the next day.

The Byrneleigh, from what I hear, has gone through a number of changes in recent years; different owners, different names, different looks. The current regime has the venue divided into areas. I noticed an outdoor area out the back when I came in and some areas designated as tabled seating plus there were couches to one side and the classic stools at the bar set up in another spot. The Barchivists who had already arrived had staked out the spot that has armchairs and Astroturf. Continue Reading »

Kitschy Kitschy coup

 MS had suggested the venue, Kitsch Bar. MS had even suggested the day, Thursday 28 July. So it was a pity that he was unwell and could not make it to what turned out to be a rather fine venue and a massive Barchivist turnout.

The Kitsch Bar is in Leederville, but the not the Leederville that I immediately think of, which is to say Luna Cinemas and that Kalis Bros fish store. Instead Kitsch Bar is further down Oxford St in a somewhat more subdued area. Continue Reading »

Five By Five

 It rained again. Since rain is a pretty rare phenomenon in Perth nowadays it does seem strange that for the last three Barchivist outings it has rained. But never mind, it didn’t put me off.

But it may have put others off. When it was first announced that the 5Bar would be the venue for our next meeting, I got plenty of enthusiastic responses with many people saying yes, they were coming. However, come the day, Tuesday 31 May, and come the rain, I started getting announcements of “can’t make it”, “sorry”, “not tonight” and so on. Continue Reading »

This is how we bowl

Bowling had been suggested as an outing back when we were at the 399Bar and finally it was happening. Admittedly not every Barchivist was keen to go, but those that were, were really keen. And where should the Barchivists go to bowl? Rosemount Bowls of course! Why? Because it has a bar. Continue Reading »