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Yes, the Barchivists have been to the Byrneleigh before but not for a quiz night, and besides this is one venue that is conveniently close to where we all work.

So Tuesday 24 April The Barchivists attended the Comedy Masters Quiz night. We almost didn’t. I had made a booking for us yet when we rocked up they had not set a table aside for us in the upstairs area where the quiz is held every week. It turns out that the set up person had missed our name on the booking sheet. So instead of the 7 of us being spread around a large table we had to scrape for chairs and squeeze up around a small table.



From our table we could just see to the balcony


Being put to the test this night were CH, TF, MS, AH, LP, KM and myself, arotulon.

The upstairs area of the Byrneleigh is rather splendid and the balcony area is stunning. The last time we come here I did not even know there was an upstairs area so this did feel like we were in a different venue.



Good news: our crowded table was near the well stocked bar. Bad news: our crowded table was near the well stocked bar that was infrequently staffed.


While we waited for the festivities to begin we ordered some food. A few of us went for the steak (which came with the option of a béarnaise sauce) others had pizza or just straight fries. The trouble with fries is that they too soon reach that point of being too cold to enjoy even with generous dashings of whatever dip they come with.


Tuesday ain't just the quiz night; it is also Steak Night!

Being Barchivists MS ordered some olives. They were pretty ordinary but they did come with chopped chilli and garlic, which I did try and I can attest these were far from ordinary. I am not sure which was more powerful the chilli or the garlic.


Question: do Barchivists order olives everywhere they go?

Regular followers of this blog may recall that at our last quiz night we came out in front. But there were lessons to be learned from that night and the main one was don’t change your answers! Stick with your first answer because over thinking invariably leads to you doing wrong, and again this proved to be the case.

For instance, the question “what pop star bought a large share of My Space in 2011?” – my fiancé LP said Justin Timberlake. Although no one had anything better to offer it just didn’t seem right and so even though I was not the scribe at the end of the first round I took it upon myself to go for a  second chance (we were given a min or two to rethink a few before handing in  our answer sheets) and crossed out Justin and put in Jay-Z. It just sounded more logical and of course it was wrong and Justin Timberlake and LP was right.

Even worse was the question about the most common surname in the world. To assist us with this question the quiz master added that the name was Asian and that it was the same as a big film star of the 90s. Well, we analysed this one to death. Our first instinct was Jackie Chan, big 90s star and Chan was an Asian name. But wait, lets think about this some more; Lee is a common last name, and Brandon Lee was in films in the 90s. We soon lost the point and started to debate whether or not Brandon Lee was really a big star. Sure there was The Crow but what else? And if the clue was meant to point us to Lee why not say big film star of the 70s? But then again was Jackie Chan really a 90s star? He has been doing films since the 70s and the Rush Hour films went on into this century. And besides wasn’t Chan more of a Hong Kong name while Lee is more Chinese so there is bound to be more Lees in this world than Chans. Do I even need to say that Chan was the answer but we went with Lee.

Fries vs Chan

Too busy debating Lee v Chan we let the fries get cold.

Still there were other areas of excellence; TF answered correctly at least two pop song questions and a quite a few of the 10 in a row girl band questions. I forgive her for not recognising a picture of Atomic Kitten; really that is nothing to be ashamed of. I’d be more worried if she did know them.

And there was the question “what is the biggest selling Irish Cider in Australia?” Our too small for all of us table was right next to the bar where we could see Bulmers on tap. That was our answer and we were right.


"Look! The answer is Bulmers"

Ultimately the Barchivists came equal second with two other tables but lost in the tie breaker.

We had a great time and we all know not to take our quizzes too seriously but remember people, Jackie Chan was bigger in the 90s than Brandon Lee.   


The almost triumphant Barchivists

Now, a word about the night from TF:

It was a fun night, I would definitely be up for it again, the steak special was tasty…..  Although my knowledge is somewhat limited to 1990s power ballads and obscure comedian quotes.

It’s a shame that we went against prior quiz night experiences of which I am too very guilty of and Chan-ged our answers thereby reducing our Chan-ces…..


Barchivists again

Us Barchivists know not to take quizzes too seriously


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