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Now this is a Barchivist digression with a difference; it actually involves a small wine bar, namely The Bird.

The Bird is a small wine bar in Northbridge with the distinction of being a live music venue. I have been meaning to take the Barchivists there for a while but what night to go to see which band? This difficulty was finally solved when the band that features two Barchivists as members staged a rare live appearance at this venue. (more…)


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It started at the 399 Bar. Those Barchivists present were discussing some non-bar related activities that we could indulge in. MS put forward that we could go to a Luna Outdoor Cinema screening of The Room. This was eerily familiar to the suggestion made by MS last year that we should go a Luna Cinema screening of The Room. The critical difference was that this time around Luna was not screening The Room at midnight. Oh, and this time it was going to be outside. Back then it was only MS, a friend of his and me who rocked up. This year, with the screening time at a more reasonable hour and outside in the balmy evening to boot, the suggestion met with approval. (more…)

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