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Just how much did we like Mrs Brown? For one thing, we didn’t follow our original plan to also visit Who’s Your Mumma since we were out Freo way on that Thursday evening 17 May . Another indication is that when I voted in the Small Bar of the Year Award, without hesitation, I cast my vote for Mrs Brown.

Sure, none of us, except World_Inverted, got the special treatment of having a burger from Flipside next door brought into us, but oh well. The fact that the burgers there are so good, and that we can bring them in next door to Mrs Brown, is fantastic.

What is more, Mrs Brown is so cosy. AR, SJVC, and Helen_Jess got there early to stake our claim at one of the little corners of this bar, and there we stayed. I joined early enough to get a comfy couch and World_Inverted and MS came along later to complete the gathering. The atmosphere was relaxed and calm, the settings and decor were interesting, the board games near our seating area were tempting and the tunes being played were always great and not too loud. You could hear them, World_Inverted could use Shazam on her new mobile device to identify them and we could all comment on them, yet none of us were drowned out by what was being played. A few other venues could learn from this.

Everything was just right at this fantastic venue. Mrs Brown is definitely worth the long trip down Freo way.

And now a word from Helen_Jess about this night:

We got a table in a cosy corner and enjoyed good food from Flipside, good conversation and some memorable music.
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First up, La Cholita is not a bar. This means, to have a drink you have to order some food, but since this is Mexican fare and my attitude to such food is Mex-I-can-do, that is no problem. No, the only problem at La Cholita is getting a seat in order to have a drink with some food. (more…)

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