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When I rocked up at The Classroom on Wednesday 28 March, it was already busy. The sunset was streaming in through the windows and The Breakfast Club was showing on the television screen.

If you haven’t yet heard The Classroom is a new wine bar along Charles St in North Perth, with a theme to which we can all relate; school. An incredible amount of effort has gone into the decor of this venue. School bags hanging on hooks fill up the space above the door as you walk in. Behind the bar are lockers where they display the incredible range of liquor bottles. And on the bookshelves that take up the space along one wall, amongst the worn school encyclopaedias and winding pencil sharpeners, is a fantastic collection of vintage lunch boxes. I recognised the 6 Million Dollar Man lunch box as being one that my brother used to have. I’m pretty sure that it came with a matching thermos. (more…)


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